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ISACS Member - Spraoi
ISACS Member - Spraoi by JL Creatives
Date: 27th June – 2nd July 2017
Where: Fossano - Italy 
Featuring ISACS artists: Dueda, Francesca Castellano, Maleta 


Event supported by Culture Ireland



Founded in 2007, Festival Mirabilia is a unique festival nestled in Fossano, a small Northern Italian baroque town near Turin, with an emphasis on the circus and street arts genres. Festival Mirabilia supports the formation of industry professionals and the work of artists, promoting collaboration and networks on a wide international scale.

This year, Festival Mirabilia and ISACS have come together to create an Irish Focus/Focus su Irlanda.

Three Irish artists (Dueda, Francesca Castellano, Maleta) will present their work within the Festival Mirabilia programme, to a public audience and to the international community of Circostrada professionals representing over 26 countries including Ireland represented by ISACS, and having their General Meeting during Mirabilia 2017. 



Focus su Irlanda 


Maleta presents 'Boa Noite'




Boa Noite” is a journey, an exploration of friendship through objects, movement and the body.


Using juggling and object manipulation, with aspects of dance and physical theatre, two virtuosic performers construct their language. Exploring the symbiotic and parasitic nature of being human, two jugglers meet, be and share. A delicate and joyful act with a table, juggling and object manipulation at the base of their creation and play (Balls and Clubs). 


Maleta company


Maleta Company is an Irish based contemporary circus company, made up of Alex Allison (Ireland) and Davi Hora (Brazil).


View Maleta ISACS profile | www.maletacompany.com


Following on from their hugely successful showing all over Ireland for the past year, including the unmissable Galway Theatre Festival and Cork Midsummer Festival, Galway-based company Maleta takes this beautiful new work of contemporary circus to the international scene.


maleta alex davi


“the shoe that fits one, pinches another”

“Boa Noite” is a friendship, it is about togetherness, support, destruction and control, it is the process of two humans meeting each other and being human, of two people sharing something that is close to their heart, and using this to learn about each other and to learn from each other. It is a project that enforces our beliefs that “the shoe that fits one, pinches another” we are different but we are one and can learn, share and grow with one another.

“there's a crack in everything, and that's how the light gets in”and how juggling can tell a tale".

Boa Noite” is also about imperfection; imperfections within our disciplines, our technique, our self and our character; we find it's often here where the beauty lies.“there's a crack in everything, and that's how the light gets in”.




June 29 | THURSDAY AT 20:10 | Battuti Bianchi o Chiesa del Gonfalone Fossano | 5 €

June 30 | FRIDAY AT 21:40 | Battuti Bianchi o Chiesa del Gonfalone Fossano | 5 €

Read more & Tickets here

Circus Outside the Box presents 'Lulu's World'




Meet Lulu, a street artist that can’t be contained in any gallery.

Enter her crazy world of make believe, where the magic happens right in front of you, with the use of a magic marker! This lady will sweep you off your feet and drag you into her imagination.


Who needs words when you’ve got a blank canvas and a marker to fill it?




Francesca Castellano has been working in street theatre and circus for over 10 years. Her company Circus Outside the Box is the brainchild, and labour of love, from the odd couple Cormac and Francesca. Doing what they do, not because it is wise, not because it is safe, but because it is what they love doing, in the sunshine and the rain!


Her solo Lulu's world is a combination of her love of clowning, art and physical theatre. This show appeals to all ages and languages. The show was performed at Ireland's largest Street Arts Festival Spraoi as part of the NEST stage in 2014 and travelled overseas at Toronto BuskerFest in 2016.


View Circus Outside the Box ISACS profile | www.circusoutsidetheboxcom




June 30 | FRIDAY AT 22:30 | Roma – side A Fossano | FREE

July 1 | SATURDAY AT 21:30 | Roma – side A Fossano | FREE

Read more & Tickets here



Dueda Company presents 'Diverged'




"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference" Robert Frost - The Road not Taken


Diverged is inspired by the poetry of Robert Frost to tell the inner struggle that occurs between logic and instinct when you have to make a decision. A dancer embodies the role of logic, she is associated with the archetype of the Earth, and an air acrobat is the instinct, he is associated with the Air archetype.


Imagine the scene cohabitated by these interpreters and divided by a rope.


dueda stevie giada


DueDa Company is the creation of collaboration between two artists: Stevie Boyd (Cork), aerial acrobat and Giada Negroni (Milan), dancer and choreographer.

The name of the company DueDa derives from the word "two": Due is two in Italian and Dá is two in Irish. The artists chose this name because they think it is the best way to describe their artistic drive: two different art forms, two genres, two cultures coming together to create. Two words: DueDa Company.


View DueDa ISACS profilewww.duedacompany.com


Diverged_DueDa Company - Dance Circus Theatre from Stephen Boyd on Vimeo.



June 30 | FRIDAY AT 23:10 | Chapiteau Piazza Castello Fossano | 8 €

 Read more & Tickets here

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