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ISACS Member - Circus Fergus
ISACS Member - Circus Fergus

In addition to the provisions set out in the Company’s Articles of Association, the following Rules of Membership apply.

Membership runs from the date registered x 12 months. There are three types of membership:

1. First timers/Trial Members*

2. Individual Members**

3. Professional Member Organisations***


1. Trial - First timer membership

Available for one year only for anyone working/interested in the area of Street Arts, Circus and Spectacle.

Trial-First timers membership - €30


2. Individual membership

For sole traders, including freelance performers, directors, writers, makers, prop & costume designers, producers and others working/interested in these fields.  

Individual Member 1 (Turnover <€20,000) - €30
Individual Member 2 (Turnover >€20,000) - €50


3. Organisation Membership

Available to all Organisations/Companies who work professionally in these fields.

Organisation Membership 1  (Turnover <€30,000) - €50
Organisation Membership 2  (Turnover €30,000 - €100,000) - €80
Organisation Membership 3 ( Turnover €100,000-300,000) - €120
Organisation Membership 4 ( Turnover >€300,000 and +) - €160

Apart from Trial Membership, annual subscriptions are based on the members or company’s turnover the previous year. Subscriptions are detailed below.

Please note that individual and organisation memberships are on automatic payments packages.



ISACS Logos 


As a member of Ireland's leading representative association for the street arts, circus and spectacle art forms, you are encouraged to use the ISACS logo, and to link to our website where possible. By displaying the ISACS logo on your website, publicity material or headed paper you let funders, fellow arts professionals, local authorities and performers know that you are:

  • Subscribing to ISACS ethos of partnership, collaboration and good management practice in the street arts, circus and spectacle sector, for the development and benefit of all.
  • Encouraging other organisations to find out about the ISACS Network and become members themselves. More members mean ISACS becomes bigger and stronger and even better equipped to represent the sector to government and funding bodies.



Members Voting Rights


Individual Members, Trial Members and Member Organisations also elect the Board of Directors. The voting system applied will equal one vote per current paid membership. The Board of Directors will maintain a current register of Members of the Company. Only Members whose name is included on the register will be entitled to attend and vote at the AGM and any EGM’s.

Download Election Procedures

For more information on Board elections and voting procedures please email info@isacs.ie

The CRO will be notified with each annual return who the current members are.


Data protection and privacy


Your data use

At ISACS, we are protective of your data and are working towards being fully compliant with the new data protection legislation that took effect on May 25th 2018. ISACS Network only keeps and uses the data you provided in your ISACS profile solely for promotional and membership services purposes. We do not share your data with any third party unless we have obtained your consent. Any private information you have disclosed to ISACS is kept secured and you may retrieve, modify and delete this information at any point. If you have any requests concerning the use of your data, please contact us at info@isacs.ie and we will answer within one month.


Please note that when subscribing to our membership, you will automatically:

- Be invited to subscribe to our two newsletters to receive the latest news and opportunities in the sector; and information regarding the Network and your membership. You are free to unsubscribe at any point by using the unsubscribe button provided by our newsletter.

- Be invited to our members-only Facebook group or will receive an invitation to it via email. You can leave the group and notify us you do not want to be part of the group at any point.

- Be occasionally contacted by emails or phone by the team about your membership, promotion or research. If you don’t want to be contacted by email or phone, please let us know by emailing info@isacs.ie.

- Please note that if you have provided your phone number for the public side of the website, it will appear on your profile. The email provided for the public side of the website will remain private and will be delivered directly through our website to your inbox. Website visitors email may be reviewed by the ISACS admin team for security reasons.

You may change these preferred methods of contact at any point by updating your setting preferences.


Please note that the information provided by you on your profile for the public side of our website will be public. The information you provided for us to contact you privately will be kept private. Please also note that the pictures you load to your profile or marketing material you make available to us, might be stored and used to promote you or the Network and that any social media material related to you or an event you are taking part in might automatically be used to promote your work, when judged relevant by the Network. You might also be included in online and offline materials. If you do not wish ISACS to avail of such information please let us know by emailing info@isacs.ie.


If you have provided credit card details, these will only be used for the purpose of handling an individual registration or purchase, unless you have chosen an automatic payment package. You can opt out of automatic payment at any point of the duration of your membership. No credit card details are stored on this site or by the Irish Street Arts, Circus and Spectacle Network. At the point of payment, you are transferred to a secure page on the website of PayPal or another reputable payment service provider. Our staff and contractors never have access to it.

Website use

Please refer to the Privacy Statement and Terms and conditions of our website. 

Irish Street Arts Circus and Spectacle Network

Irish Theatre Institute, 17 Eustace St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, Ireland
00 353 (0)87 0541812 info@isacs.ie
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