Tumble Circus is a modern circus company, based in Belfast. They have won international awards for their work and have toured throughout Ireland the UK, Europe, Canada and Australia.

They provide a unique experience of innovative and contemporary Irish circus, specialising in high skill circus – theatre – comedy. At the core of Tumble Circus is a dedication to training, learning and constantly pushing the boundaries of their own work. It is their desire and life’s work to create new and exciting circus that entertains, amazes and is accessible to all.

  • Irish contemporary circus at it’s finest – funny, flexible and refreshingly honest.
  • Winner with “This is what we do for a living” at the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2012.
  • Nominated for Best Circus Show with “This is what we do for a living” at the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2011 and Perth Fringe World 2012 and 2013.