Aedín Walsh, also known as Seraph Id (Equity registered) is a circus, dance, and theatre performance artist.

Her work spans 12 years freelance as a performer, devisor, and teacher in the fields of circus (aerial), physical theatre, dance, choreography and theatre. Since January 2018, she has worked as the substitute Director of the Circus Prep School at Cirkus Cirkör in Sweden. As part of this she works passionately as a teacher. Her passion for this has also brought her to work with Clowner Utan Gränser (Clowns Without Borders) many times since November 2015 in many locations ranging from Tyresö to Juba.

Her work mostly now focuses on the creation of multi-disciplinary works and exploring new structural possibilities in design, to expand and explore Circus, theatre, dance, and music, in this, a changing world.​ Seasonal work has brought her regularly to the stage as an aerialist with companies such as Incandescence, Artful Badger and Bassline Circus.