In my 11 years on stage I have had the honour to work events and shows of and with 45 Degrees (Cirque du Soleil) , Puma, Porsche , Beats Headphones  and more , as well as being the choreographer for the National German Theater , for the New York Times celebrated show ” Let Them Eat Money ”


My personal work is based around surreal elements and acts that ,no matter how illogical , subject the character to irrational actions and surroundings.​I combine aerial acrobatics (specialised in Aerial Straps )and acrobatic movement with dance and physical story telling. The focus of my work lies mostly within the mood & aesthetics,in order to shift the audience into an emotionally unfamiliar setting.​Currently

I am working on a new show , that takes elements of Irish history and mythology and blends them into a symbiotic relationship, within a surrealistic surrounding, to create a physical theater experience that lives of its metaphorical depictions.​I am inspired by the aesthetics and also movement ideas of groupsand creators such as Dimitris Papaioannou, Akhe, Dereveo ,Pina Bausch, James Thiérréé, as well as by elements of history and mythology