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In addition to the provisions set out in the Company’s Constitution, and the Terms and Conditions of using ISACS website, the following Rules of Membership apply.


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Membership Categories

There are three types of membership. Apart from Individual Membership, annual subscriptions are based on the company’s turnover the previous year. Membership runs from the date registered x 12 months. Subscriptions are detailed below:

1. Trial - First timer membership

Available for one year only for anyone working/interested in the area of Street Arts, Circus and Spectacle.

Trial-First timers membership - €30


2. Individual membership

For sole traders, including freelance performers, directors, writers, makers, prop & costume designers, producers and others working/interested in these fields.  

Individual Member 1 (Turnover <€20,000) - €30
Individual Member 2 (Turnover <€30,000) - €50



3. Organisation Membership

Available to all Organisations/Companies who work professionally in these fields.

Organisation Membership 1  (Turnover <€30,000) - €50
Organisation Membership 2  (Turnover <€100,000) - €80
Organisation Membership 3 ( Turnover >€300,000) - €120
Organisation Membership 4 ( Turnover >€500,000) - €160


Registration Guide  Join Now



As a member of Ireland's leading representative association for the street arts, circus and spectacle art forms you are encouraged to use the following logo, and to link to our website where possible. By displaying the ISACS logo on your website, publicity material or headed paper you let funders, fellow arts professionals, local authorities and performers know that you are:

  • Subscribing to ISACS ethos of partnership, collaboration and good management practice in the street arts, circus and spectacle sector, for the development and benefit of all.
  • Encouraging other organisations to find out about the ISACS Network and become members themselves. More members means ISACS becomes bigger and stronger and even better equipped to represent the sector to government and funding bodies.


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Irish Street Arts Circus and Spectacle Network

Irish Theatre Institute, 17 Eustace St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, Ireland
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