Tribal Roots Music Medicine is a band I -Macha – have been part of since 2014 firstly invited as the first vocalist, next as a manager/instrumentalist -now lead singer/writer & creator of the music along with Lukasz

Lukasz is the man of which is lost in sound, using a lot of percussion instruments like the hand pan, djembe and flute instruments, he is always creating and expanding how we create our music.

Often I – Macha – Use our music in the productions of my shows. I can describe my voice work as a weaving channel of language, our music is created for the depth of healing and to change spaces.

The music is in the world genre and its truly authentic and created from  source and somewhat creating a new genre with many others leading the way

The band has gone thru so many changes and the starter and initiator of Tribal Roots was Lukasz (Ritual Tattoo Cork). His vision is still where it started and we stayed loyal to each other in the music as we found we wanted the same vision

In 2020 during the special time we all had, we recorded 2 songs to release on all music platforms

We have performed in many events/festivals in Ireland every year new adventures locations such as-

Cypress Avenue Cork, Sweeneys Pub Dublin,Back Loft Art Gallery, Opening ceremony @ Bliss Festival Ireland, Earth Fest, BluFire World Street Festival Dublin, Himalayan Yoga Valley Yoga Centre-Cork, Triskel Yoga Centre Triskel Cork, Kinsale Arts Festival, Master of Calm Festival and many more.

Here are some links enjoy and feel free to DM about how you like it, We love hearing from you!

Our music is open to working with collaborations & investors, supporters like you !!!

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