Circus Ownership is a Tricky Thing

Since the dawn of circus, artists, fanatics and sport-circus athletes alike have argued over the intellectual property of circus tricks. These debates are comprised of many different arguments and often end without a conclusive answer. The most commonly offered solution is that the person who invented the trick owns it, but it comes with issues. What if another person, later, invents the trick without knowing that it has already been created?

Problems like this and their suggested solutions have been around for years and almost no developments have been made to try and fix them. Until now.

What is an NFT?

NFT stands for non-fungible token. To explain it, let’s break it into two parts: non-fungible and token.

A token is something that is used all over the internet to give authentication to a user, server, or browser. A token acts as a key so that both parties in a transaction know that they are dealing with the correct person. An NFT is simply a token that proves ownership of something and can be easily checked online.

The non-fungible part means that the token is not reproducible. No amount of artificial intelligence or hacking can solve its equation and pretend like they own the item.

What does this mean for circus?

Using next-gen web technology, we have created The Circus NFT Collection with the first release being the Mills Mess Series. In this series, people will be able to take ownership of 17 different variations of one of the world’s most beloved juggling tricks.

The next release will be the “Cascades” series, followed by the “Jugglers’ Favourites” series and we will then be branching out into other disciplines for the “Acrobatics” series!

We one day wish to create a platform where circus artists can come to copyright their creations. Signup for our newsletter to be kept up to date!

When will they be up for sale?

The Mills Mess series is currently available to view online, but the 17 tricks in it will not drop for sale until the 1st May 2022 – 12:00 pm CEST (Amsterdam Time) when you will be able to purchase the world’s first circus NFTs!



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