The Puck Fair parade is held in Killorglin, County Kerry, Ireland. The parade takes place on the first day of the festival, August 10th, and is a colourful and festive affair.

Puck Fair Parade in Ireland

The parade begins with the crowning of the King Puck, a wild goat who is captured in the mountains and brought to Killorglin for the festival. The goat is then placed in a specially-made cage and hoisted up on a platform in the town square.

The parade itself features a variety of floats, bands, and performers. There are also traditional Irish dancers, musicians, and acrobats. The parade ends with a performance by the Queen of Puck, a young girl who is chosen by the town to represent the festival.

We have been invited to take part in this year’s parade & will be providing three beautiful floats.

The Puck Fair parade is a great opportunity to experience Irish culture and tradition. It is also a lot of fun for people of all ages.

  • The parade starts at 5 pm and lasts for about an hour.
  • The route of the parade takes in the main streets of Killorglin.
  • The parade is free to attend.
  • There are usually around 10,000 people in attendance at the parade.