I’ve had an idea floating around my mind for about 2 years now… initially intended as a fire and aerial show, with a psychedelic vibe and full of mystical imagery. However in light of the pandemic I got to thinking about alternative ways of expressing my ideas.

Though I have a huge appreciation that recorded performances are happening throughout pandemic times, I personally find a locked off single take recording of a fire or aerial piece sadly doesn’t come anywhere near giving justice to the magic of experiencing the artist’s work in person.

This is what has motivated me to ponder on something I have basically no prior experience with. How could I attempt to transport a viewer into another world without being physically in the same space as them?

I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to gather a small bubble of like minded local circus artists and musicians who so kindly agreed to join me on a journey of weaving together something special. A mystical visual feast and a story of time, earth, elements, duality and the many faces of mother nature.

CULT is my first experiment with creating, filming, directing and editing a film with fire flow arts at its heart. DIY being word of choice here, watch this space for updates on it’s release.

Fire Dancers: Ingrid O’Beirne, Gill Byrne, Siobhan Brady, Ciara Jameson

Music written for CULT by”: Trash Guzzler, Ru O’Sea, Aoife Kavanagh

Camera and lighting assistance by my absolute sweetheart of a partner Sean Doyle.