Hands Down Circus are just back from having an absolutely amazing time in Australia at Karnidale, The Western Australia Circus Festival,  8th – 20th January. Held in the lovely wine country of Maragret River, it was a bit of a shock to the system travelling from mid-winter Ireland to mid-summer Australia and when we finally reached the festival site it can only be descibed as paradise!

We were teaching acrobatics for 2 weeks as part of a training programme before performing Tape That! as part of their international programme. The show was well recieved by our audience and peers, and we made lots of new friends and contacts – so fingers crossed for a longer stint down under in 2025!

Would highly recommend! It wasnt scary from an animal point of view – we saw Manta Rays, Kangaroos, Emu’s, Quokkas and one snake from a distance. The closest we got to a scary spider (The Redback) was when Graham forgot to use sunscreen.

As always a massive thank you to Culture Ireland, who are forever helping us on our escapades across the world with their mobility grants.

Looking Forward,
Carys and Graham 🙂