I’m sharing with you a story of how a group of nine women who have performed for a  video called “Samhain” recorded/edited by Mexican Ed for the(1minute ) Dragon Of Shandon, Cork Community Art Link online parade event on 31rst October, and long 3-minute production will be release after this date.

Choreographed and directed by Macha Shewolf, Serpent Sisters Is a group of woman who in which studied under Temple FireFans Training with Macha . This was the first time nine women in Ireland performed fire fans together. It’s a proud historical moment for Irish fire flow scene and even more important for the female-bodied.

Curated and founder by Cork-born and Irish blood woman Macha Shewolf Ritual Performance Artist & Director, a passionate and determined artist to share & create art in these times when artists have voices when many others are silenced!

“I have been working on this project since October 2019 with an amateur/mixed level group, but due to covid we kept having to change our show and the dates,  the people and then in the nick of time we cancelled another show due to restrictions but we were able to shoot a video as we were in the restrictions of “art project “outside so we completed and made history in the weird strange times, Covid made it harder, emotionally, mentally and physically but it was worth it !!! The piece is about the shakti – the medusa woman- the anger and frustration we incur at these times and behind many myths, there is deep truth we call this piece “Samhain” – Samhain the pagans time to gather and connect with the spirit world of the ancestors a long-forgotten tradition of the new age Halloween, I have directed many groups for the last six years in performing for the Dragon of Shandon & other productions, I always like to bring back some memory of the old traditions to the streets of Shandon & Cork a place with deep character! Thousands of people come to watch from all over Cork and it’s a gift to offer something back to the community. Thru art, we can remind people of the old stories that aren’t told anymore!!”Macha

Serpent sisters is looking forward to the new year for new adventures and possibilities and the natural struggle of the new ways of being an artist !

Dancers Niamh Ní Fhainín_Vicki Vix _Edaein Samuels _Deborah _ Macha Shewolf _Erin _ Karen Rebekka Dunn _El Mc_ Kathrine.

Drummer Lukasz Shivaya.

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Image below by David Hegarty