Are you curious about rope dart and want to give it a go ? Or are you already part of the rope dart  family and want to learn some new tricks ? Well, you’re in luck ! I will be teaching 2 workshops as part of the National Circus Festival in Tralee this coming weekend !

If you have never heard about rope dart : it is a martial art weapon, traditionally a blade and a flag on a rope. Now, I do not use blades but bags of rice (or a big ball of fire…but not this weekend!), and my style is more “dancey” than “fighty” ! Just like staff, poi or hoop, rope darts are now used as a flow art props. It is a very flexible prop because you can give it whichever style works best for you once you know the basics.

Saturday at 12 : Beginner Rope Dart : This workshop is designed for complete beginners. Practice darts will be available but I will only have a limited number… Come early if you want to be sure to get your hands on one ! We will learn the basics of rope dart, and start linking them into a little combo.

Sunday at 11 : Crazy Cradles : This workshops is designed for students who already have a little bit of experience (if you did the workshop the day before, you can come and give it a go ! Some cradles will be simple enough!) Oh, but… What is a cradle you ask ? Basically, it’s using rope on rope contact to spin the dart, rather than contact with our body or our hands. If you wish to see what that looks like :

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have ! I will have practice darts available to purchase, but I must stress the fact that I am not a professional prop maker, I just make these to have them for my students ! I will be more than happy to explain how to make your own, or if you would like to invest in a “proper” rope dart, I recommend the Rope Dart Academy silk or cobra darts, or their “Dragon Tooth” one if you’re feeling brave…

Here is my email address if you have any questions about this weekend, or even if you want to get in touch about getting a private class or organising a rope dart workshop in your area :

I hope to see you in Tralee ! Come to the Dart side !

Melisande aka Strix Nebulosa !