So here is my first post.. Enjoy!

I recently had the delightful opportunity to perform at one of my favourite Irish festivals, Body & Soul, last weekend. Accompanied by my friend, we strolled through the festival grounds with his creation, the couch mobile.

This whimsical journey took many turns. Madigan’s mesmerizing contraption fuses the comfort of a couch with the mobility of a vehicle, providing an unforgettable experience for those fortunate enough to encounter it. But I Lamperella the lamp-lady, stepped in as the extra element of enchantment. Anyone who took a seat on the couch just had to pull my cord to turn me on for a lamp-dance.

Don’t go getting ideas now this was not a lap-dance! ..but could easily be mistaken for one.

The reactions were absolutely priceless. Lets just say I lit up peoples worlds like never before..

Looking forward to doing many more walkabouts as the Lamp-lady although I really hope when people see me they will remember firstly, Lamps don’t have good eye-sight and can’t consent so don’t touch, and secondly not to call me by my other name as I’d like a certain level of anonymity. Keep an eye out for me next time you’re in a field!