Joining Circus Gerbola for a stint of their 2022 touring season has been an invaluable experience for myself as an emerging aerialist in Ireland. I arrived at Circus Gerbola with 3 years of inconsistent training due to the pandemic, a mild injury and an extremely white aerial rope – really excited to delve into performing in the big top.

I very quickly discovered that life in a traditional circus is difficult, dirty and some of the toughest and most rewarding work happens behind the scenes. There is added privilege to performing in a big top – when you have experienced a crew coming together in high winds and torrential rain to build the tent from the ground up and put it all together in time for the show!

I am so thankful to Mikey, Tara and the Gerbola family for taking me onboard, for the professional and hardworking crew for showing me the ropes, teaching me all about the inner workings of traditional circus and most importantly for accepting me into their community and making me feel at home during my stay.

Following my residency, I am leaving Circus Gerbola (briefly) with confidence in myself as an artist and performer, the ability to apply lashes in 10 seconds or less, a newfound appreciation for wellies and waterproof clothing, and great excitement for what the future holds for me in traditional circus!

I have always been inspired by the circus. While the element of amazement and wonder Circus Gerbola provides, combined with the technical skill and artistry displayed by their performers have kept me motivated and inspired on my journey to date, I am now equally inspired by their outlook on life and exceptional ability to get shit done! The opportunity to live, tour and be part of the Circus Gerbola crew has been an amazing experience that I will be eternally grateful for!

Click the link below to follow my residency experience in video format: