Circus Gerbola were proud to have an upcoming Irish trapeze artist join us for some performances during our national tour this year. ISACS member Lysette Golden took to the air with our trapeze troupe, The Flying Hell Boys. Here is what Lysette had to say about her time here.

“I had the most incredible time debuting as a homegrown flying trapeze artist with Circus Gerbola this past June. It was an honour, and so important to debut in an Irish traditional circus. I will be forever grateful for Gerbola having me fly with their troupe – the Flying Hell Boys – They were so kind and supportive and were an absolute pleasure to perform with. There is nothing that can really prepare you, when you’re about to perform live for the first time, but they gave me the support I needed and instantly there was a bond that truly is unique to the circus world. I was so nervous but every single person in the Gerbola made me feel comfortable and confident, and most importantly encouraged me to have fun. There is nothing as incredible as a live circus performance, especially in an ever growing online world – but the energy that is inside the big top of Gerbola is something truly special – a kind of intimate yet international Celtic energy. It will always be imprinted on me.”

Circus Gerbola are looking forward to hosting more Irish artists in our traditional style show.

Lysette Golden at Circus Gerbola