I had the absolute pleasure of working with Sean (aka Sololumo), an incredibly talented photographer, in Galway city. We had been talking about doing a photoshoot for ages, and we finally managed to pick a date and make it happen!

I was quite nervous going in, as I am a dancer, not a model, and I find posing to be quite awkward and out of my comfort zone… But Sean was an absolute dream to work with, giving me directions and helping me find ways to be comfortable in front of the camera. We actually had a great laugh, and his light painting techniques were unbelievable. I used my pixel whips to trace my body and create a “Light Dress” effect, following the timing & directions Sean was giving me.

When he first started showing me the shots, I couldn’t quite believe it, he had turned me into some sort of supernatural/ethereal being, I had never seen shots quite like those! See for yourself, here are a few of them!

I will definitely work with Sean again, and I can’t recommend him enough ! A pleasure to shoot with.

Here is a link to his website : https://www.sololumo.com