Circus Factory Member Lidija Šola and her show Un(Holy) Blood has been selected to be included in the 13th Periodical Review – Maslow’s Hammer by Pallas Projects.

Un(Holy) Blood has been a work in progress for many years with some people fortunae enough to witness excerpts of the show in the development stages. This year on May 6th, 2023, Lidija Šola saw all her efforts come to fruiton with the premiere of the full show at St.Lukes in Cork City.

“With (Un)holy Blood, circus artist Lidija Šola and writer Sadhbh Moriarty blur the boundaries of circus performance, visual art, immersive theatre, and social commentary. On May 6th 2023, their show transformed St. Luke’s in Cork into a feminist church birthed from the ashes of organised religions. The altar and vaulted ceilings set the backdrop for a free falling power-hungry priestess, performed by Lidija, and an astounding light show projecting a fierce script. The inspiration for Lidija and Sadhbh’s epic collaboration began when Lidija was introduced to an armless saint in the movie Santa Sandre by Alejandro Jodorowky, set in a blood filled feminist church. This show brings the audience into a sensory explosion of collapsing worlds. Periodical Review exhibits the leftovers of this exhilarating and cathartic performance and speaks to the original collaborative process between the two artists.” – Pallas Projects

Lidija will also have a performance in the gallery at the closing event on 27th of January

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