ISACS and Áras Éanna Ionad Ealaíne Residency

Nicola Moran is in Inis Oírr, Co. Galway for a one-month Residency, supported by the ISACS Network, Áras Éanna Ionad Ealaíne and the Arts Council of Ireland.

Here is her diary where she explains her creative process.

October to November 2023

Week one

My first week on the Island was a great start to the residency.  The combination of people, breathtaking landscape, unique atmosphere and the Cuirt Cheoil na mBan festival made me feel right at home. The Cuirt Cheoil na mBan was all female musicians moving from house to house on the Island sharing their songs, dances and music.  I love when women of all generations come together, it creates a lovely sense of unity and power that just transcends words.  I’m extremely grateful for the connections and the stories shared with me. These experiences have added great depth to my creative research and have led to collaborations this week with local musicians.

And although I have had glorious walks, sea swims and nights out, it has been balanced out with the fear of not doing enough. The residency has been a good lesson in slowing down. Mind racing and lists the length of my arm have slowly subsided. It can be a lonely place (anywhere) when you are not filling yourself up with distractions or work so embracing and utilizing that time for reflection and leaning into the dreaming and stillness more has been an important challenge. Words don’t fully express how valuable this time is.

The last few days I have been experimenting with sound with Chris Somers and then next week, Aras Eanna is giving me the space to do a performance and screen a short film, ‘Mother’, by Bockety Bodies Saturday the 21st of Oct at 14.00.All are welcome!!