I am delighted to work on the set with Paul Holdstock for this immersive theatre production. Rockfield House is an ancient mansion and was home to many who have long since passed on … but as Halloween approaches, their peaceful rest is disturbed…

Some of the former inhabitants can be seen wandering through the house, trying to put their affairs in order or even to avoid their inevitable ends. Meet these mysterious immortals as you are guided upstairs, downstairs and through the spooky basement and stables. What continues to trouble them long after their demise, will be revealed as you move through the faded grandeur of this important house.

A crotchety crone, a grumpy stable boy and a garrulous Lord are among the eccentric spooks who will ‘welcome’ you on your visit.

This eerie experience is full of sinister characters, startling stories and hysterical surprises … it will last for approximately 40 minutes and there will be a chance to have coffee and treats in our harvest hall afterwards.

Will you summon the courage to face the creepy forces that lurk within these old walls? This theatrical event is brought to you by Farmaphobia and Causey Farm.

It is not suitable for younger children – all visitors must be at least nine years old!

Dates: Oct 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th 2023. (4pm to 10pm) possibly 31st depending on uptake.

Who is this suitable for?

Adventurous families and grown-ups looking for a unique Halloween experience in a stunning period house.

What age do you have to be?

You can be as old as you like … but we do not recommend it for anyone younger than nine years old.

Where is it located?

In Rockfield House, which is just off the M3 motorway near Kells Co, Meath – A82 V9D5Is this a scare event?

There will be some frights and surprises, but it is mainly a theatrical event – there will be laughter, but it will be spooky! It is brought to you by the seasoned scarers at Farmaphobia but it is not a full on haunted attraction.