Erebidae Circus performing their first presentation of “Triple Goddess” as a part of Daring Dames festival on Achill Island in 2022. Daring Dames is brought to you by Circus250.

This show was an amalgamation of Irish Mythology storytelling, Live original fusion Irish music and fire performance depicting mythological characters based around “The Morrigan” and the forgotten strong women in Irish Mythological history. Written, directed and produced by Erebidae Circus (Polina Shapkina and Aoife Kavanagh) featuring live original music from Rú O’Sé, and a script adapted and performed by Aoife Kavanagh, all written specifically for this production.

In this production I am a fire performer who plays two characters; Eirú, a being of lightness and Nemain, a being of darkness. Photo taken at the end of the show in our final position before bow.

I use fire poi, palm torches and a fire dragon staff during this production.

“Triple Goddess” is available for bookings through Erebidae Circus.

Poi and Palm torches from fire prop manufacturer and sponsor Juggling Calling.