Circus Gerbola are very proud to support Irish circus artists and talents. During our tour this year we were privileged to have two artists, both members of ISACS, join us for residencies. We were also able to host local performance schools and even had an ISACS member perform with our trapeze troupe, The Flying Hell Boys.

One of the highlights for ourselves and our audiences was young aerialist Danii Batkin. 14 year Old Danii first tried aerial hoop when she was 8 years of age and has been taking classes every week since then. Danii is also a rhythmic gymnast who has won three championships as well as performing and has incorporated the movements of this art into her aerial hoop routines. During the restrictions on training caused by covid Danii was practicing at home on a hoop her father installed but like many artists she had no outlet to perform or to work with others. In 2021 the family reached out to Circus Gerbola. We were thrilled to hear from such a talented and hard working young artist with a very supportive family. Danii joined our show in April 2022, aged 13 and has been participating whenever school and other commitments allow.

Since joining us Danii has become more confident in front of an audience and has learned about the technical side of using lighting and music to enhance her act. She has also taken an interest in the practical side of traditional circus work like front of house and customer service.


Circus Gerbola are excited to see what the future holds for Danii but for the present we are delighted to have this young aerialist and her family as part of our tour.