Context Creation Residency 2023 – Motion Chapel

The Context Creation Residency 2023 is finished! We spent three days exploring Outside Arts and creating small snippets of performances around the lovely grounds of Motion Chapel, Co Roscommon. The residency was meant as a pragmatic test-run of the ideas presented in the CSMOA framework (Context, Site & Mode – Mapping Outside Arts) A 30 minute presentation of the ideas can be found here:

The CSMOA framework was developed as a way of looking at performances outside of traditional performance venues from the perspective of the audience, artist and event. At the residency we explored, invented and expanded exercises that uses the framework as an starting point for creating work for the outdoors and non traditional spaces.

Motion Chapel proved to be an exceptional venue that not only provided an inspiring setting for our residency but also delighted us with great food and an overall atmosphere of good vibes.

Led by Henrik Gard, the participants of the residency was: Elysia McMullen, Emily Aoibheann, Louise Jordan, Lidija Šola, Aoife Carry, Maria Tivnan, Ali Stanger, Polina Shapkina


Supported by Art Council Ireland’s Street Arts and Spectacle Bursary