Project’s presentation

You know what ? « I deserve to be respected even if I don’t fit in any of your boxes » !This contemporary circus show, directed and interpreted by Suzon Gheur, bring us along the path of feminine identity through its deconstruction and its questioning.

Our society tends to pose, or even impose labels on what we do, on who we are or are supposed to be. By doing trapeze, her main discipline, Suzon Gheur found herself confronted with labels conveyed by the aerial world, such as slimness, flexibility and elegance. Feeling like a fraud when trying to fit in these labels, the artist decided to make of them the motive, the driving force, of her show. She will bring the audience on an entertaining and reflective journey around the deconstruction of the different facets that shape our identity until she finises “naked”, just hersleft, as a statement that its the only thing that matter.

This all-audience show is a hymn to joy and self-acceptance. The artist plays both on the trapeze technique in all its splendor but also on its use as a creative medium and a means of expression. She begins an intimate relationship with it as an aerial partner while maintaining a certain dialogue with the public through humor and self-mockery.

Artistic approach

“Respected with no boxes” is an aerial show where the trapeze and the artist form a harmonious and complicit duo. Suzon Gheur experiments aerial dance in unconventional ways with touches of break dance, counterweight, acro-dance, among other.

One of the main inspirations of the show was drawn from the show “Diktat”, by Sandrine Juglaire1, putting the woman artist in all its aspects at the center of the stage. Shiny like dark, all the facets are there in an interpretation as subtle as it is relevant. To do so, she poses a situation that she gradually deconstructs in order to show the backdrop behind the scene. Suzon Gheur was able to interact with Sandrine Juglaire and got her to be an outside eye for the creation of her show.

Suzon Gheur also questioned the place of the audience during her performances. The idea would be to allow the public to go on stage after the show to participate in a workshop to discover the trapeze. This idea was born out of the desire to break those limits that we put ourselves, in this case the sacred line between the public and the artist, and allow them to see the room from another point of view. It would also be a way to facilitate meeting and dialogue and allow the transmission of the passion for the circus, a magnificent medium for personal enrichment.

This show is meant to help any young female or male feeling better about themselves, to facilitate the change of vues we have on ourselves and others.

Because, yes we live in a world of labels, but at the end we are just people wanting to be happy and surrounded by friends.


Imagine a stage and a trapeze. A clown appears, the audience laughs at his innocence. Little by little, this innocence is lost, the clown becomes a victim of the gaze of others, he tries to escape, to disguise himself, to camouflage himself. Then emerges a beautiful woman, attractive and flexible, sublimated by her rotating trapeze. This one, prisoner of her own image, will give way to the free and uninhibited woman hidden inside her.

Scene after scene, painting after painting, character after character, the audience travels through the portrait of a woman. The journey ends, after a physical and aerial testimony, with the stripping of the artist, in a moment of purity and simplicity.