We have some fantastic news! We have been informally chatting to our colleagues from other Circus magazines over on the continent for a while now, and it has been incredibly inspiring. We are so happy to announce that we have now formalised our exchange and have launched a joint project!

For this, we have been honoured to receive support by the National Arts Centre Du Cirque (CNAC) in France, in the form of hosting us for a first planning and research residency, giving access to their extensive library and supporting us as an associate partner on this project. We are just back from this residency, and are so excited to see where this will go!

While we are still in search of a name for our collective, our overall project aims to facilitate research and exchange on portraying circus in print.

Three independent magazines (YANA, DYNAMO Magazine and The Handstand Press) join forces to imagine a collective future. Discussing our practices, on paper and in motion, our strengths and weaknesses, and creating a joint project. This perspective opens up as many possibilities and desires as questions to ask ourselves. Why and how should an ephemeral art form (such as circus arts) be fixed on a permanent medium? From where do we take the sovereignty to select our content? What are the barriers to the creation of printed content? And, of course, who do we want to reach with our publications? This impassioned exchange of ideas was continued with a number of students and teachers from the CNAC in a valuable and exciting discussion on the world of circus publications.

We look forward to sharing more news with you as this project develops!