On May 6th I had the honour of returning to the stage of the “Poetry Brothel” Dublin, The MAYPOLE edition.

Needless to say this time around the performance was a virtual one I filmed from home.

I really took great joy in creating and filming this ritual dance for welcoming Bealtaine. It was comprised of  a blend of pole dance, lyra and fire flow.

The Poetry brothel itself is an international platform, an immersive literary cabaret that fuses poetry, burlesque,  live music, visual art, mysticism, magic and boasts one-on-one poetry experiences. You can find the Poetry Brothel all over the world from Berlin to New York, Paris, London, Mexico City and More.

An outstanding and deliciously unusual event, I always relish and delight in performing for the “brothel” crew and this time was no different in that regard.