Circus Gerbola are delighted to have Claire Carrol join us for a two week residency during our national tour. Claire lives a double life, switching between her full time job in the legal sector and her life as an artist, training and performing on the aerial hoop.

Claire began her performance career in theatre and discovered aerial hooping almost by accident in 2018, when she tried it as an alternative to the gym. She quickly realised it was an artform in its own right and sought every opportunity she could to participate. Blending her love of performance and the aerial hoop with her background in acting and theatre, Claire has worked with Fidget Feet, Loosey Smoke, Circus Factory and now Circus Gerbola.

Claire was drawn to the circus arts and community by how alive it is and describes the community scene as “a very vibrant and inclusive community that seems to be growing”. When asked what she is hopes to take away from her residency with Circus Gerbola Claire remarked upon the close friendships she has already made through aerial arts and is looking forward to making more, as well as learning more and participating in a traditional circus.