The ISACS Network, in partnership with the Irish Showmen’s Guild, the University of Galway and Archives Ireland, following a successful application to the Heritage Council – Community Heritage Grant, is starting work on a joint project: ‘Towards a National Circus and Fairground Archive’.

The first step is mapping the key materials in existence and scoping if there is a need to establish an archive with these communities. We will start by identifying what is out there, with a view to writing a report about what an Irish archive for National Circus and Fairgrounds might look like. The aim is to research what is there and where, and acknowledge the custodians’ invaluable work in collecting, keeping and maintaining such treasures at their own expense over the years.

We will host an event on 22nd August in Wexford Town Library to share information about the project in person as part of National Heritage Week.

If you have an item /collection that you want us to know about, please get in touch with Lucy Medlycott: