Back in July, Fanzini Productions presented a Strada Street Theatre Masterclass with Adrian Schvarzstein  of Kamchátka as part of Earagail Arts Festival. ISACS had the pleasure of offering two members, Ashton and Vicki Davis bursaries to attend this incredible learning opportunity.

Here’s what they had to say about their experience:

I attended the Strada workshop at Earagail Arts Festival with the support of ISACS. The sessions were brilliant – Adrian guided us through a number of exercises to develop street performance work, including use of architecture, focus, drawing attention and taking space. I really appreciated the opportunities we had to perform several of these exercises in the street, where we could experience audience feedback, trial ideas, and practice being authentically present. Alongside the practical exercises, we discussed use of public and private space, and how city and town planning permits/restricts this type of performance work – I found this particularly interesting, as it is a way of framing street performance which I haven’t thought about before. It was fantastic to have an opportunity to explore a different way of working, especially alongside other artists and ISACS members. I now feel equipped with a range of tools I can apply to my future work, a whole heap of ideas, and greater clarity about the value and necessity of street theatre. Without the support of ISACS I would not have been able to attend the workshop – thanks so much to Lucy and friends for making it happen!


I was very lucky recently to be awarded a bursary from ISACS where I got to take part in a Street Performance Workshop ran by Fanzini Productions, lead by Adrian Schvarzstein (Kamchátka). It took place in Donegal, for the Eargail Arts Festival and with the bursary, all expenses were covered. As an emerging performance artist, I wanted to experience what it would be like to perform in the street. Adrian was great at making you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout, while explaining the difference between stage performance and street performance, how people may interact differently and how things might not go as expected. I was surprised to find that I felt a lot more comfortable on the street than I thought I would. Through the workshop, I met a whole bunch of new people who have the same interests as myself. I was also able to pick the brains of the director and production staff of Eargail Arts Festival, something that I think is crucial to the professional development of an emerging artist. All this would not have been possible without the support of ISACS, to whom I am forever grateful.

Vicki Davis