The ISACS Network is currently developing a quality assurance framework which may be put towards providing evidence that you / your organisation comply with and conduct best practices around health and safety within the street arts, circus and spectacle sector. It has been proposed to do this via a Self-Audit questionnaire.

The idea behind the Self-Audit is that individuals/organisations take responsibility for their own safety standards and self certify. Upon satisfactory completion, your organisation will then be recognised as complying with the best Health and Safety standards for the street arts, circus and spectacle sector. The ISACS Network will then issue you with a certificate by way of evidence of same.

Please note that the completion of the quality assurance Self-Audit will be entirely independent and will be non compulsory.

We need your input

We now need your input. We want you to look at this survey and see if it is asking the right questions. Is there anything else you think it should ask or are there ways that you would improve any of the existing questions. In other words, have we covered everything and could it be better?

The link below will direct you to a TEST Self-Audit on your/your organisations Health and Safety practices.  We would like you to complete the TEST Self-Audit as a sample and leave your suggestions/comments in the text box at the end. It is vitally important that this self-audit accurately reflect all of our working practices and safety standards.

This TEST Self-Audit is now closed. Thank you for your contributions.