The ISACS Network has been working for several years now towards developing robust practices around Health and Safety and establishing clear resources for our members to avail of to demonstrate same with potential insurance providers.


In this respect, we have developed a quality assurance framework which may be put towards providing evidence that you / your organisation comply with and conduct best practices around Health and Safety within the Street Arts, Circus and Spectacle sector.


This is a Self-Audit on your/your organisation’s Health and Safety practices.


Completion of this quality assurance self-audit is entirely independent and is non-compulsory.


Upon the satisfactory completion of this self-audit, your organisation will be recognised as complying with the best Health and Safety Standards for the street arts, circus and spectacle sector. The ISACS Network will issue you with a certificate by way of evidence of the same.


If you would like to participate in this Self-Audit, please write directly to Amanda Usher at who will issue you with a link to complete the same.


Your responses will then be reviewed by an independent panel made up of two ISACS board members, who will determine if it has been satisfactorily completed or if they require any further information.


Contact for access to the Self-Audit survey.