The ISACS Network is among a number of organisations in the different arts sectors and disciplines in Ireland that are partnering to make a public call for the retention and expansion of the Basic Income for the Arts after the pilot has concluded.

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Through Minister Catherine Martin and this governments’ introduction of the Basic Income for the Arts pilot,  Ireland has taken a significant step towards better supporting and investing in its artists. This initiative, unique in its approach, provides a basic income to artists, recognising their contribution to society and the economy. However, this program is currently a pilot and needs to be retained, extended and expanded.

The introduction of Basic Income for the Arts underscores the premise that Government investment in the arts yields myriad positive benefits to society from economic, health, mental wellbeing, education, societal cohesion, diversity, and inclusion, to creativity, critical thinking, innovation, entrepreneurship, global reputation and much more.

The Basic Income for the Arts pilot has shown promising results in providing financial security for artists while allowing them creative freedom without the economic precarity so many artists and arts workers have been shown to disproportionately suffer. By making this program permanent and expanding it further, we can ensure that our artists and arts workers continue contributing their creativity towards enriching our culture while also securing their livelihoods.

Let us stand together in support of our artists and arts workers by urging policymakers in Ireland to retain, extend and expand Basic Income for The Arts. 

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