We are writing this letter on behalf of over 100 artists and companies (who account for over 600 individual practitioners) that are members of the Irish Street Arts, Circus and Spectacle Network. We are keen to know, if you get elected, how you propose to support and develop the Arts in Ireland.

We are asking all candidates to commit to TWO things:

  • Increase government investment in the arts in line with Europe
  • Find a solution to the insurance crisis immediately
  1. We support NCFA’s call to commit to at least doubling investment in Culture and the Arts by 2025, over the life of the next government. This includes a commitment to double investment in the Arts Council and Culture Ireland over the same period, as the agencies who directly support artists and their work.

    Key Facts

    • Government investment in the Arts and Culture in Ireland is lower than any other country in Europe, representing just 0.11% of GDP compared to a European average of 0.6% (Council of Europe)
    • The Arts make money for Ireland. For every €1 invested in Arts and Culture, almost €2 is returned in direct taxation to Government (based in €193m investment in 2020, estimate ref Indecon)
    • Cultural Tourism is worth over €5.1 billion to the economy, including both domestic and overseas tourism (Failte Ireland)
    • 23,000 people are employed in Arts and Culture in Ireland (Census 2016)
    • 72% of Artists working in Ireland earn less than the National Minimum Wage (NCFA Survey 2020)

    More facts and data

  2. We stand beside the Alliance for Insurance Reform and demand that candidates in the upcoming General Election commit to support the 4 key reforms we are seeking in this area:
    • Reduce unfair general damages to reflect international norms and the principles already established by the higher courts – including that ‘minor injuries attract modest damages’
    • Review and re-balance the “common duty of care” to require occupiers to take a duty of care that is reasonable, practical and proportionateSupport a fully-resourced Garda Insurance Fraud Unit
    • Insist on insurers committing to a schedule of forecast reductions for planned reforms

    Here are the facts supporting this.

We look forward to your response and our representatives would be happy to meet with you to discuss these issues further.

Kind regards,
the ISACS Board