In November, our LIFT programme 2022 came to fruition.

This residency, presented in partnership with Wexford Arts Centre, offers mentoring and creation space for duo ground-based circus artists via an open-call residency. LIFT is supported by County Wexford Arts Department, Wexford County Council and Arts Council Ireland.

The selected artists for this edition were Nora Kelly Lester and Ruth Lehane.

The artists were granted the use of theatre space at Wexford Arts Centre along with the support of the Arts centre staff in the form of skill share sessions and mentoring from the centre’s Technician and Director. The use of a hot desk at the ISACS Network office for desktop research and subsequent reports/applications was also made available.

Here is what Nora said about her experience.

During our residency we continued the development of a solo red nose clown show “Bunny Bunny”,  a darkly funny clown show that challenges audiences’ perceptions of modern female identity in playful, funny and provocative ways.

Our primary purpose during this residency was to refine our individual and collective creative practice as clown theatre artists through developing Bunny Bunny further. We tested out ideas, developed material and explored the aesthetic and mood of these ideas. We did this using a process which is collaborative, experimental and which fuses contemporary theatre practices with red nose clown.

The use of the theatre space at Wexford Arts Centre along with the support of the Arts centre and ISACS staff gave us a platform to hone our craft, refine our practice as co-creators and to realise the full  potential of our ideas for the creation of this show.

LIFT  has been the perfect opportunity for myself and Ruth to put our continued investigation of red nose clown and contemporary theatre into practice through the development of this new work. LIFT provided us with the necessary time, space and support to develop our practice and the creation of this new work.

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