The ISACS has embarked on a new phase of its journey, working hard to develop the network and the sector in Ireland, which has recently seen unprecedented growth.

We have recently appointed Joshua Angelo Estrella as a new member of our Board of Directors, with expertise in Analytics, Data, Networking, and Program Building to help us reach our strategic goals.

About Joshua Angelo Estrella

Joshua Angelo Estrella (he/they) –  is a first generation, non-binary, queer immigrant from the Philippines, now living in Ireland for 5 years.

They have extensive background in data science, analytics, and management across multiple industries spanning social media, technology, telecommunications, finance, gaming, and biotechnology.

They are one of the leading figures in the Asian and LGBTQ+ communities in the technology industry in the EMEA region. They are also a diversity leader, advocate, and a life & leadership coach focused on empowering underrepresented communities.

On their free time, they dabble on the aerial arts, primarily fabrics, rope, and lyra, as well as pole and exotic dancing.

About their new role within the ISACS Board of Directors, here is what they say.

I am excited to be part of the ISACS board to bring more data driven and analytical perspectives, as well as insights from different industries.