ISACS were delighted to make a submission for the Dublin City Council Development Plan 2022 – 2028 under Theme 9, which recognises, incorporates and supports the significant recent growth of the street arts, circus and spectacle art forms as key to achieving DCC’s core vision of ‘a vibrant city centre’ and ‘connected neighbourhoods’.

Key points:

  1. To build and embed cultural policy into the DCC development plan which recognises, supports and invests in circus, street arts and spectacle as one of the city’s strategic art forms – ‘Finding new ways to engage, to create and to enjoy the arts’.
  2. Develop, support and create imaginative and appropriate creation spaces where artists and creators of the street, circus and spectacle art forms can train, create, learn and grow alongside other art forms.
  3. Ringfence and provide appropriate and affordable accommodation specifically developed and maintained for artists to live and work in the city. This could possibly be modelled off the % for arts scheme.
  4. Make public spaces accessible and equipped to host, facilitate and engage with artists and audiences for the long term.

Read the full submission:

ISACS Submission for the Dublin City Council Development Plan

Special thanks:

Many thanks to ISACS members Loosysmokes for their valuable contributions on same.