Christmas is coming, and the ISACS Network would like to share some suggestions for gift ideas for your loved ones who share our passion for Circus.

Winter Papers Vol 9

The Winter Papers Vol 9 was recently launched at the Dublin Book Festival. The book features a contribution by Peter Murphy & Caolán Barron ‘Circus Stories’ with interviews with Lucy Medlycott, Tara Gerbola Circus Gerbola, David Duffy #duffyscircus & Charles O’Brien.

The book features beautiful photos of Circus Gerbola by Caolán Barron.

Lucy And Peter Murphy Winter Papers

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The Handstand Press Issue 06

Motion Chapels recently released Issue #6 of their Handstand magazine. The topic for this edition is: How can we deal with growing pains in handstands?

Cover Wide Done

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Notes on Creation

This book, co-written by Declan Mee, artistic director of Katapult, a performing arts studio in Berlin. The book contains over 30 artists’ thoughts, insights and opinions about the creative process related to contemporary performing arts.

Katapult Note On Creationsbook Photo Website

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A Dictionary of Emotions in Time of War

This collection features 20 short works by 20 Ukrainian playwrights, including Elena Astaseva, and is available to buy here→

Elena stayed with us in Wexford for six months last year, having joined ISACS via Artists at Risk in 2022.

A+dictionary+of+emotions+ +final