ISACS are currently in negotiation with an insurance broker to establish a new industry-leading Group Insurance Scheme for our membership.

Now with over 165 members, it is imperative that we as a group, can access a bespoke insurance policy for ALL our members which will provide a long-term sustainable solution to the issues we are experiencing.

Declaration of Interest

ISACS is now inviting ALL members to put themselves forward for this Scheme by completing this simple one step Declaration of Interest→

Even if you have your insurance in place for the foreseeable future, we still need you for this Scheme to be delivered successfully.

This is not a commitment it is merely to show your interest, the more that are interested the more chance we have of negotiating a strong scheme for the benefit of ALL.

The Next Step

As part of the next step of the process you will be required to provide data to to the broker. Where you have difficulty in obtaining data OR where you are missing documentation, assistance will be provided.

It is important to note that your data will be managed in complete confidence by the broker through a secure online portal. The data will only be visible to the actual Insurers. ISACS will only be aware of which businesses have completed their application.

We will be issuing the link to commence collecting this data based on your feedback and when we secure a sufficient number of members interested. When the link goes live, there will be a 2 week window to collect & collate all of this data.


If you have any questions on this proposed Scheme, please let us know as soon as possible.