The ISACS Network was delighted to host ISACS Members Nora Kelly Lester as well as Aoife Raleigh & Ria Corcoran, and Aoife Nyhan Kavanagh on our Hot Desk Mentoring programme this January.

This programme is aimed towards members who are looking for space and time to carry out research, project planning, funding and grant applications. In addition, ISACS offers mentoring support, helping the HotDeskers to explore their ideas, look for the support avenues available and take the next steps in their journey.

Here is what Nora, Aoife Raleigh and Aoife Nyhan said about their time working with the ISACS team in our HQ in Wexford.


I had an excellent experience with Lucy, Helen and Cristina at ISACS’ HQ. It was really motivating to spend the time focusing on the future of my show and strategising with the ISACS team about how to make it happen.

-Nora Kelly Lester


It was wonderful, very useful to have the time away to think and get some perspective. Lucy’s input was astute, well aimed and much appreciated. This was very helpful for this stage of the development of a new work. I also found the library very interesting and useful.

-Aoife Raleigh


I spent two days hotdesking at ISACS while writing my project award application. It offered me space and time to focus on the details of my submission alongside good quality chats, guidance and suggestions with Lucy. I returned home full of energy to get stuck in further, and with plenty of the hard work done! And as the cherry on top, I was awarded a bursary to cover my expenses while staying down in Wexford, which made everything easy. I would recommend taking some time in the ISACS facilities. A highly productive experience!

– Aoife Nyhan Kavanagh

If you are interested in HotDesking, please contact Lucy at