Here at ISACS, we love to host ISACS Members for their Hot Desk sessions.

This Spring, we welcomed several members, such as Angelica Santander, Becci Whelan, Emer Greenford, Edaein Samuels, Alison Martin & Liza Cox, and Juley – Ann Collins, Juliet and Fady Zmorrod from Doulab for Circus and Dance to our Hot Desk Mentoring programme.

This programme is aimed at members looking for space and time to conduct research, project planning, funding and grant applications. In addition, ISACS offers mentoring support, helping the HotDeskers explore their ideas, look for the available support avenues, and take the next steps in their journey.

Here is what they said about their time working with the ISACS team in our HQ in Wexford.

This was a great experience, where I had the opportunity to share my projects and thoughts with Lucy and got great feedback and advice. I really enjoy it been in the office with Lucy and Helen, they were very friendly and helpful. I also had a chance to check out the great selection of books in the Library. I am looking forward to do it again in the future.

– Angelica Santander


ISACS is an invaluable community, as an artist who works solo a lot, it’s really important to feel that you are a part of a larger network and ISACS is exactly that. It helps me feel connected to the industry and what’s going on.

– Poppy Emer Greenford


It was great to have the time, space and support to be able to work on the road. The conversations in the office were as valuable as the space and time, the staff giving me tips, guidance, information and support in my professional development and career. I look forward to using the hotdesk again. You always come away with new valuable information and insight.

-Juley Ann Collins


The ISACS hotdesk is an invaluable resource for us, and for all ISACS members. As artists, we don’t necessarily have access to an office environment, which in itself is extremely helpful for getting any computer work done. Personally speaking, as someone with a young baby at home, it was wonderful to be able to sit without any distractions and just focus on the tasks at hand! Also, of course, it goes without saying that the supportive atmosphere in the ISACS office, and the gems of advice Lucy, Helen and team have to offer make it an even more helpful and motivating experience. Thank you ISACS!

-Juliet & Fadi Zmorrod, Doulab for Circus and Dance