We were delighted to bring DELVE  to City Spraoi, the first instalment of this years Spraoi Festival, Waterford.

The DELVE (Discover, Explore, Learn, Visualise and Engage) programme – aims to support artists to experience and be inspired by art through a range of festivals and programmes throughout Ireland. We go, we see, we watch, we listen, we learn, we connect with art and art makers and we get inspired.

At Spraoi, two ISACS artists Danae Wollen and Macha Shewolf were invited to join Lucy Medlycott – Director of ISACS and experience the festival.

Together, they attended the following:

Gallery of images from the shows attended:

Here’s what they had to say about their DELVE experience:

DELVING – WHAT an amazing word for this process as that’s exactly what I did. This word allowed me to be extra curious, ask too many questions, and find magic where I hadn’t before. This is what I found;

A JAM packed weekend running from street to street to make sure I take everything in and actually make lots of new connections, being the weirdo that I am :). There was so many golden moments – my face got sore from laughing too much and my brain got mildly fried from all the input and over exhilaration from the visual shows & conversations (all worth it). On top of that I felt ALOT of “stuff” Happy – Sad – Angry -Joy – Bliss – Love. ISACS created a space to return to a LIVE Arts Festival in beautiful Waterford, and brought me into a deeper place in where my next journey as an artist will continue in more clear and directed way. DELVE is a Vital Important Adventure.Macha Shewolf

DELVE at Spraoi was a truly brilliant way to explore a festival I had never been to before. Spraoi is a place where a lot of Irish talent can be seen, with many companies (some of which I had never seen before) bringing new work to the streets. This included a lot of work that Irish artists have been developing over the past few years and it is heart warming to see how Irish street and circus is growing and evolving.

Over the course of the weekend we saw many shows including those from Fidget Feet, Seve Feathers and Cikada Circus, all displaying the best of street arts within their individual categories of aerial dance, hand-balance and partner acrobatics, respectively.

ISACS is a vital organisation and network for Irish artists; supporting them within key stages of their career. The DELVE programme is one of the amazing ways we can make new connections and discover new opportunities within our artistic practices. Danae Wollen