In September, we were delighted to bring our third 2023 instalment of the DELVE programme to attend the  Pitch’d Circus Festival in Cork.

The DELVE (Discover, Explore, Learn, Visualise and Engage) programme – aims to support artists to experience and be inspired by art through a range of festivals and programmes throughout Ireland. We go, we see, we watch, we listen, we learn, we connect with art and art makers, and we get inspired.

The selected artists – Caitríona Ní Threasaigh, Orlaith Ní Chearra, Brenda Long & Anna Jones had a great time. Here is what they said about their experience.


I had the most amazing weekend from start to finish. Helen from ISACS looked after our every need throughout and was most attentive, making sure we got to see all there was to see and meet the people of the festival. It was my first time at PITCH’D and because of the DELVE bursary, I was able to fully immerse myself into the experience without having to worry about any financial constraints. I am hugely grateful for the opportunity DELVE gave me and I feel hugely inspired to continue to develop my own work. Without the DELVE bursary I could not have afforded to engage with PITCH’D as I did and would not have had the full immersive experience that I had.

– Caitríona


I had a very positive experience with the DELVE program. I got a lot of value from the coffee mornings and talks, in particular. Attending them did help to demystify the world of arts working and give me more confidence to attend these types of events in the future. I really enjoyed seeing all the shows, not purely from an entertainment perspective. You really get a sense of how different artists work, how they use humour, relatability, honesty as well as skill to connect with their audience. I was very pleasantly surprised at the confidence and inspiration I gained from this program.

– Brenda

As Part of the DELVE programme I had the opportunity to attend the shows and panels at Pitch’d Circus Arts Festival. It took place over three days which I got to spend with the group co-ordinator and the three other artists. It was really nice to have the opportunity to spend time with them hearing about their work and getting to know them. Everyone was very warm and welcoming in the group and it was really nice to have their company at the events. Overall it was an amazing experience to connect with others in my field.

– Anna


I had a wonderful experience at Pitch’d. I was very grateful to be a DELVE artist and was also awarded amicro-bursary from Promenade for my work as an Emerging Producer. It was wonderful to go see work, to meet and make connections and have my travel, accommodation and food covered for the weekend. I think ISACS are very good at promoting the importance of supporting artists and I have changed my approach and outlook on my career in the arts and have started to value my time a lot more too.

– Orlaith