Back in March, In Your Space Circus (NI) presented a 5-day Masterclass with Stefan Sing on Deep Juggling. ISACS had the pleasure of offering ISACS member Finn Jesch a bursary – kindly funded by the Arts Council of Ireland – to attend this incredible learning opportunity.

Here’s what Finn had to say about his experience:

The workshop was simply amazing. It challenged me but I was able to keep up. Stefan broke down his techniques by teaching us different steps/moves which later on during the day we would combine into something beautiful and fun. On the Thursday night we got to see him perform which was lovely after having learned from him for 4 days. I found it inspiring that so much can be done with 1 & 2 balls and that tricks don’t need to be difficult to be impressive if the moment is organic. The other participants came from Cork, Derry, Mayo and Belfast, we were all of very different ages but we worked well together as a group.

The bursary made it possible for me to attend this event. I have done a lot of hard work as it was so nice to be able to dedicate this time to learning and enjoying.