We recently announced an amazing circus gear give away – offering one lucky ISACS member  a whole bunch of circus gear, including unicycles, stilts, juggling balls, hula hoops, trainer clubs and more – 122 pieces to be exact.

Thank you to all of those who took the time to enter, you all made very compelling arguments and we wish we had enough prizes for everyone.

We are now delighted to announce that the lucky winner is….Doulab for Circus and Dance! Hurrah!

What winning means to them

We just arrived in Ireland in late August from Palestine, and have already started working with various youth groups, and in schools. We are currently getting ready to start providing workshops to refugee communities through Arabic language, and the only thing that is missing is our equipment! We have big plans to work all over Ireland and provide inter-community workshops and longer term projects, and for all of this to happen, we will need to have our own circus equipment. Sadly, it was too difficult/expensive to transport any equipment with us on our move, and we also needed to keep some things there in order to use for giving workshops whenever we go back.

We are overwhelmed with joy, and so are the children and adults we teach, now that this equipment has found its home with us.

Juliet and Fadi (Doulab for Circus and Dance)