The ISACS Network is a proud member of the Alliance for Insurance Reform, and we are now at an important juncture in the insurance campaign for affordable and accessible insurance coverage.

Everyone’s bottom line is under pressure, many of the reforms have been completed and people’s attention is spread across numerous competing priorities. We need to tell Government that the reforms to date weren’t just for insurers and the legal profession and meaningful and sustained savings and better access to cover needs to be shared with everyone.

We recently learned that some Government Ministers were under the impression that insurance had been sorted and a sense is developing that they are looking to simply declare victory and move on.

To address this, we need your help.The Alliance is undertaking sectoral surveys (charity, business, tourism, sport, hospitality, culture, etc.) to ascertain its members’ current situation. This will enable the Alliance to speak with greater authority on the issue and to rebuff many of the convenient suggestions above.

Please help us represent our sector’s needs and fill out this survey – speaking up from our own point of view is vital. It will only have 6 questions and take less than a minute to complete.

The Alliance for Insurance Reform have a key meeting with the Minister with responsibility for insurance on the 29th February at which time they hope to present her with our findings. Strong findings from a large sample across a range of sectors will be essential to making our case that the reforms haven’t delivered on the ground.

The survey will remain live until the 27th February. Let’s speak up and make our voices heard!