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The International Seminar for the development of Street Arts | FRESH STREET#3 presents a diverse and imaginative artistic programme.


In January 2019, the ISACS Network in partnership with Galway 2020 launched an open call for artistic presentations in response to the theme ‘Place and Identity’for this years FRESH STREET#3, being held in Galway. 

Over 120 applications from all over the world were received. A massive thanks is extended towards the dedicated selection panel of Ciaran Walsh – Culture Ireland, Tanja Ruiter – Circostrada & HH Producties and Craig Flaherty of Galway 2020 who trawled through each application in detail.


We are very proud to present the following:

• OUR HANDS BY VICKY MALIN (UK) — Tribeton, Galway, exact room tbc | May 22nd, 15:30-17:30 (FREE)



Uncover the possibilities, stories and perceptions of your hands through an encounter with artist Vicky Malin. Using simple manual tasks and conversation, we reflect on our identity via our hands. Take a fresh look at what feels unique and what seems to connect us to each other?




• THE SHIP OF DESTINY (IRELAND) — Streets of Galway, exact route tbc | May 22nd, 22:00 (FREE)



Ship of Destiny is a landscape spectacle that brings audience and performers together and takes them on a journey bringing fire to where the land, the sea and the sky meet. Ship of Destiny’s visual journey is a soul quest, and in the tradition of the Imramh seeks to align the three realities - this physical reality, the inner landscape and the otherworlds. 




NEW TERRITORIES BY DEANA KOLENČÍKOVÁ (CZECH REPUBLIC / SLOVAKIA) — Inis Oírr, exact location tbc | May 23rd, 11:00 (FREE)




Deana questions the knowledge, perception and imagination of the audience and participants through drawing a map of Ireland and identifying their own individual current position. These drawings, subconsciously question our identity and political viewpoint of the world, which will in turn form a temporary installation on Inis Oírr.





• REMNANTS BY TURAS THEATRE COLLECTIVE (IRELAND) — Inis Oírr, exact location tbc | 23rd May 23rd, 18:00 (FREE)



Remnants is a moving and powerful presentation on the theme of displacement. Using soundscape, physical theatre and movement it tells a visually spectacular and enthralling tale of three characters whose lives have been disrupted and who find themselves alone and homeless. The story interweaves the characters’ fragile pasts with their hope for the future in a beautifully choreographed performance.





• ONE SINK, TWO FLOAT BY STUDIO ECLIPSE (BELGIUM) — Galway Docks | 24th May 24th, 17:45 (FREE) 



A duet with dance and visual theatre. The water as unknown, depth, subconscious lets things float or sink. On this thin membrane between top and bottom one is taken into a surreal and visual story. Two characters find their balance on a platform, amongst themselves with the elements. There is an underworld a world under, which we do not see. It is not shown on the surface or is it?




In addition to the above, another call was held for an Artists in Residence programme in partnership with Áras Eanna Arts Centre, Inis Oirr. The selected artists are the jugglers: 

KATE BOSCHETTI AND LIAM WILSON (ITALY / SCOTLAND) — Inis Oírr, exact location tbc | May 23rd, 15:00 (FREE)





Kate and Liam — artists in residence with Áras Éanna Arts Centre — will live and immerse themselves entirely on the island for the month of May, creating a site responsive, fresh piece of work for and with the island and its people.

Enjoy their first showing of this work-in-progress, which continues to explore the themes of place and identity. 

Irish Street Arts Circus and Spectacle Network

Irish Theatre Institute, 17 Eustace St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, Ireland
00 353 (0)87 0541812 info@isacs.ie
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