We are delighted to partner with the National Circus Festival of Ireland to invite Gianluca Gentilomo (on suggestion from Giulia Pasquale – Circus Factory Coach) to give an vertical aerial intensive over three evenings. This workshop is suitable for advanced beginners up to all levels in rope, silks & straps.

Level needed? A minimum practice is necessary especially on fabrics and rope so you can do straddle, pull-up to be able to climb and then a basic physical preparation for aerial acrobatics. Suitable for advanced beginners and upwards.

5 Reasons to Attend the Intensive (from Gianluca):

  1. You will work the “grammar” and the basic vocabulary of string and fabrics, to be able to deal in an analytical way any figure or sequence
  2. I have so much passion to teach 🙂
  3. It will also work with dynamic movements that change the quality of the movement
  4. I have been teaching for more than 12 years for amateurs, professionals and of any age and level
  5. Because my work is based on the connection links between rope, fabrics and straps that have a similar language that can also be recognizsed in trapezoid and circle and, in general, for all aerial acrobatics