Event Date 22 August 2024
Time 11:00am - 12:00pm
Organiser ISACS Network
Venue/Location Wexford Town Library
Cost Free
Category Presentation

The ISACS Network, in partnership with the Irish Showmen’s Guild, the University of Galway and Archives Ireland, following a successful application to the Heritage Council – Community Heritage Grant, is starting work on a joint project:‘Towards a National Circus and Fairground Archive’.

We are thrilled to say we will present this new initiative on August 22nd at Wexford Town Library as part of National Heritage Week. Key speakers:

  • ISACS Executive Director Lucy Medlycott,
  • David Duffy from Duffy Circus,
  • Gráinne Doran, Archivist at Wexford County Archive.

All are welcome, free access.

About the project

The aim is to map the key materials in existence and scope if there is a need to establish an archive with these communities. We will start by identifying what is out there, with a view to writing a report about what an Irish archive for National Circus and Fairgrounds might look like. The aim is to research what is there and where and acknowledge the custodians’ invaluable work in collecting, keeping and maintaining such treasures at their own expense over the years. Find out more here→


About the Speakers

Lucy Medlycott By Abigail Denniston Share 2023

Lucy Medlycott

Lucy Medlycott began her career studying Fine Art Sculpture at Limerick School of Art and Design. There she discovered the versatility and dynamism of the street as an artistic space. In 1993, Lucy co-founded Bui Bolg Outdoor Arts Company in Wexford, working in various roles and leading international projects. A Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and past Southeast Women in Business Award winner, she received the CARA award in 2023 for bringing the Circostrada’s FRESH STREET conference to Galway 2020.

Lucy co-founded the ISACS Network in 2010 and has been its Project Manager since 2014, now serving as Executive Director.

David Duffy

David Duffy

David Duffy, born 18/01/1961, made his debut in the circus ring as a boy clown and stilt walker on his family’s circus. At eight years old, along with his father, Tom Duffy, he developed a perch balancing act in which he balanced on top of a 15 foot high pole held by his father.

Audiences nowadays would recognise David as the Ringmaster of Tom Duffy’s Circus, the Master of Ceremonies of the circus world, seamlessly linking the individual acts of the circus together, leading the audience through the story of the production. The history of the role of the Ringmaster runs through the Duffy family generations. David’s Grandfather, James Duffy, handed it down to his son, Tom Duffy, who in turn handed it down to David. Over the next few years the mantle will be handed to David’s sons, Tom & Jamie

Grainne Doran

Gráinne Doran

Gráinne Doran was appointed Archivist with Wexford County Council in 2002.  A graduate of University College Dublin and National University of Ireland, Maynooth, she completed the Higher Diploma in Archival Studies in UCD in 1998 and subsequently worked as Midland Regional Archivist with Laois, Offaly, Longford and Westmeath County Councils until early 2002.  She was one of the co-authors of the National Retention Policy for Local Authority Records, published in 2002 and of the Local Authority Archivists’ Group (LGARM) 2003 publication, Local Authority Archives in Ireland.   She also coordinated the 2020 publication, Democracy and Change – the 1920 local elections in Ireland which was written by LGARM in association with the Dept. of Housing, Planning and Local Government.

Gráinne is a committee member of the Ferns Diocesan Archive Commission, the County Wexford Decade of Centenaries committee and of the County Wexford Culture Team for Creative Ireland.