Join the Journey.

Join us in the Otherworld.

Join and Witness.


With roots in the mythology of the land, this is the timeless journey of mortals and gods. Norse, Celtic, and Pagan Wicklow play a role in the telling, but this is a story that transcends time, place and gravity. In the hidden after-dark spaces of Kilruddery, Aduantas presents a night of Aerial and Acrobatic Theatre.

Guests are asked to dress for the weather in comfortable clothing and footwear and prepare for a magical evening of performance in a beautiful setting.

About Aduantas Aerial

In 2019, Aduantas was founded as a multidisciplinary performance group with a focus on immersive storytelling through acrobatics, aerial, contemporary circus and dance with outside-the-box staging and audience engagement. Their 2020 multi-award-winning short film, ‘To The Waters and The Wild’ was filmed in Wicklow as an adaption of a 2019 live performance at the Convention Centre Dublin.

Inspired by shared histories, space and a place to make unique locations become characters, Aduantas has a particular interest in accessibility for both audiences and artists, which has stemmed from members of their group working with children and adults of varying additional needs, social circus projects worldwide, and personal experiences of disabilities and injuries. A core element of their drive behind creating Aduantas was to provide opportunities to those who are passionate about performance, not exclusively professionals. They believe everyone who is driven to practice, create and perform should have the chance to do so. At Killruddery, Aduantas’ residence is mostly based at the Sylvan Theatre.