This is a four-day residency space curated by Emmen Donnelly and Christopher McAuley will give those wishing to push their performance skills further, supporting them in creating a deeper connection to originating repertoire for performance.

During the residency the Emmen and Chris will provide time to technical learning, breaking down elements of dynamic patterning, intricate pathways and sequencing from the artists own choreography and skilled handling of Supports (Trapeze static/dance and hoop) and Verticals (Rope & Silk) as a group and through one to one mentoring.

This residency is suited for those wanting to push their professional development and performability by;

  • Pushing and promoting new repertoire
  • Developing tools for self-creation
  • Solidifying pathways & creative choreography
  • Undertaking technical guidance
  • Understanding to value of the outside eye

Chris will work exclusively on Support Apparatus meaning anything with a bar such as trapeze, static or dance as well as hoop. Emmen will focus on those working on Vertical Apparatus like rope, double rope and silks. Having the two artists there to focus on their specialist skills sets will give you the freedom to explore at your own pace under guided tuition and experienced mentorship.